OTDR – Tnt-2422D Up to 80KM

Data Sheet

  • Two wavelength 1310/1550nm or single wavelength 1310/1550/1610/1625nm
  • Measurement distance: 80km
  • Capacitive touching screen, clear, sensitive touch and quick response can operate by both key and touching screen.
  • Test record is saved as SOR format.
  • Standard function: OTDR, Event Map, Optical Power Meter, Optical Light Source, VFL, Optical Loss Test, RJ45 Sequence, Flash Light Optional function: RJ45 Tracker
  • Keyboard input, can edit and save file name and line numbers.
  • Support user upgrading.
  • With USB and TF card data interface, easy to export curve data.
  • Fast startup, only 2 seconds to test




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